September Digest


National News

Mikey Brannigan Becomes First American Runner with Autism to Win Paralympic 1500 Meter Gold
NBC News – Two years ago, NBC’s Kate Snow introduced the world to 19-year-old Mikey Brannigan, one of the world’s elite runners. Today, he made history.

Over $24 Million Tagged For Disability Employment
DisabilityScoop – The U.S. Department of Labor is sending millions of dollars to states and organizations, all earmarked to improve the employment odds facing people with disabilities.



Proteins That Spark Learning May Play Key Part in Autism
Spectrum – A core team of proteins involved in learning may play an important role in autism, according to a new study.

Words Say Little About Cognitive Abilities in Autism
Spectrum – Nearly half of children with autism who speak few or no words have cognitive skills that far exceed their verbal abilities, according to the largest study of so-called ‘minimally verbal’ children with autism to date.

Mice Missing Top Autism Gene Make Their Debut
Spectrum – Edging out at least five other teams, a Japanese group last week became the first to publish findings on mice lacking CHD8, the leading candidate gene for autism risk.



UN Panel Calls For Inclusive Education
DisabilityScoop – Being educated in an inclusive environment is a basic right for students with disabilities, according to a new set of guidelines from the United Nations.


Microsoft Wants Autistic Coders. Can It Find Them And Keep Them?
FastCompany – Job interviews can be especially hard if you’re autistic. A Microsoft effort aimed at a wider spectrum of the workforce wants to solve that.

Novel Software Spots Scores of New Autism Candidates
Spectrum – Scientists have trained an algorithm to recognize the characteristics of autism genes. The program has pegged more than 2,000 new genes to the condition.


Teens & Adults

They Told My Parents I Wouldn’t Talk, I Proved Them Wrong
Autism Speaks – Last year – I wrote a blog about growing up with autism and graduating from college in spite of what doctors told my parents. It was called They Told my Parents I Wouldn’t Talk; Now I’m Graduating from College.

Christopher Duffley, a Blind Teen With Autism, Inspires Others With His Voice
ABC News- “Music to me is for one thing: it brings joy to people. Singing is a gift that I share. Because I’m blind, I see people with my heart for who they truly are instead of what they look like on the outside,” the 15-year-old told ABC News.

HS Football Player with Autism Has a Moment He’ll Never Forget
MSN – West Side High School’s Justin Davis said after the game, “It was like the NFL. I felt famous.” We couldn’t be happier for the young man.

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