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National News

Neighbors Sue To Declare Boy With Autism A Public Nuisance
DisabilityScoop – When neighbors complained about Vidyut Gopal and Parul Agrawal’s young son with autism pulling children’s hair, biting a woman and other menacing behavior, the couple said they did what they could to make it stop.

Autism and the Presidential Campaign
The Hill – During the recent GOP debate, Donald Trump suggested that kids are developing autism because they are getting too many shots too soon.

Five Things We’ve Learned as Autism Self-Advocates
Autism Speaks – This guest post is by Paul Silver and Dallas Manning, two young adults who have autism. This post is part of an initiative on our site called “In Our Own Words: Living on the Spectrum,” which highlights the experiences of individuals with autism from their perspectives.



‘Brains in a Dish’ Guide Autism Sleuths Seeking First Medicines
Chicago Tribune – GENEVA-Scientists have found a way to peer into the brains of people with autism: Grow them in a dish.

When They Move, People with Autism Discount What They See
Spectrum – When Susan Morris watched her son who has autism learn to ride a bike, she noticed something peculiar: He was fine when pedaling slowly, but when he started to speed up, the view of his surroundings rushing past him seemed to overwhelm and disorient him.



Smartphones, Apps Prove Liberating For Those With Special Needs
DisabilityScoop – Ruben Morales, a 59-year-old retired engineer who is blind and lives in Silicon Valley, has used a specialized screen-reading program for years to write and run spreadsheets on his desktop computer.



11 Books Featuring Characters On The Autism Spectrum
Bustle – To celebrate growing neurodiversity in fiction, I’ve gathered 11 books not only featuring important characters with an official diagnosis on the autism spectrum, but also featured in plots that aren’t about their diagnosis.

Harford School Chief Defends Response to Abuse Allegations in Hickory Elementary’s Autism Program
The Baltimore Sun – Harford County School Superintendent Barbara Canavan sharply defended her and her staff’s response to complaints of alleged abuse of students with autism at Hickory Elementary School by teachers and support staff during the 2014-15 school year.


Teens & Adults

States Work To Help People With Disabilities Find Work
DisabilityScoop – Michael Bethke, 19, works part time at a grocery store in Clark, S.D. He started out as an intern through the state’s Project Skills program for high school students with disabilities.

Teen with Autism to Meet the Pope
ABC News – Pope Francis’s historic visit 0 America is touching so many lives from high school students who travelled across the country to a very special 13-year-old named Jake with an uplifting message.