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National News

Agreement Smooths Way for Georgia autism Bill
Online Athens – The impasse over Georgia’s autism coverage bill ended this week. A compromise clears the way for a vote on the measure before the General Assembly session ends next week.

The Twizzler Challenge Might Be the Next Ice Bucket Challenge
Time – After the ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than $115 million in mere months, many speculated the viral campaign had forever changed the face of charitable fundraising. The Today Show thinks it may have found a successor.

Temple Grandin: Look at What People Can Do, Not What They Can’t
MIT News – In talks at MIT, noted behavioral expert suggests encouraging skills of people with autism.

Tips for Diagnosing Young Children with autism
Chicago Tribune – Research shows that early intervention is beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder, but on average children aren’t diagnosed until age 4 or 5.



Powerful memory system may compensate for autism’s deficits
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Autism has been the focus of intensive research, especially in the past few years. Not surprisingly, most of this research has targeted the impairments found in autism, and their underlying causes.

Autism Doubled In Artificial Reproductive Technology Births: Could Surge In Twins Be To Blame?
Medical Daily – The incidence of autism is twice as high for children conceived via assisted reproductive technology (ART) than it is for children conceived naturally.

Studies Trace Far-Reaching Effects of Single Autism Gene
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Several risk genes for autism regulate the expression of hundreds, even thousands of other genes.

Clues To Autism, Schizophrenia Emerge From Cerebellum Research
NPR – A new understanding of the brain’s cerebellum could lead to new treatments for people with problems caused by some strokes, autism and even schizophrenia.



Technology Giving Every Child a Voice
The Columbian – Tablets, communication apps are able to give nonverbal children a voice. Standing in his living room, Bryce Smith told his son, Dylan: “Use your words. Tell me what you want.” The boy’s hands quickly swiped through three screens of an application on his iPad digital tablet to find what he was looking for. The iPad spoke aloud for Dylan. “Toy train!”



Disability-Related Education Complaints Trending Up
Disability Scoop –Federal education officials are fielding an increasing number of complaints related to disability discrimination in the nation’s schools.

Overhaul Urged to Aid Special Education in California
Education Week – Members of a task force that spent two years studying special education in California used their final report to recommend sweeping changes to the state’s entire pre-K-12 system in hopes of improving achievement for students with disabilities.

Graduation Rates Inch Up For Students With Disabilities
Disability Scoop – An increasing number of students with disabilities are graduating high school, federal officials say, though they still receive diplomas at far lower rates than other students.



Teens & Adults

ABLE Accounts Get Green Light In First State
DisabilityScoop – Three months after federal law established a new way for people with disabilities to save without jeopardizing their government benefits, the legislative hurdles are over in one state.

Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults
Autism Speaks – As autism awareness has grown dramatically in recent years, many young adults and adults have learned the signs and felt there may be a connection between their feelings and behaviors and the symptoms of autism.

Autism Employment in The Corporate World
All Autism Talk –  ASTEP creates and supports programs that promote long-term employment for individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and similar autism spectrum.