March Digest, 2 of 2


National News

CDC Finds No Change In Autism Prevalence
CNN – “The number hasn’t changed, but the impact is still great,” said Rice, who previously worked at the CDC. “While this is a hint there may be a slowing of growth and identification of people with autism, it certainly doesn’t yet confirm that we are seeing this leveling out.

Autism Wandering Bill Gets New Look
DisabilityScoop – A revamped approach to federal legislation aimed at addressing the needs of kids with autism and other developmental disabilities who wander is garnering bipartisan support.

Federal Employee Health Program to Boost Autism Benefits
The Washington Post – Federal employee health-care plans will have to cover applied behavior analysis for children on the autism spectrum starting next year, and they are being encouraged to step up the incentives for enrollees to participate in wellness programs.




A Brief History of Autism Research
The Atlantic – The past six months saw the release of two bestselling books about autism: Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes, and John Donvan and Caren Zucker’s In a Different KeyBoth books chronicle the oftentimes dark history of autism while expressing hope for a better future for people with the condition.

Study Finds People with Autism Prefer Partners on the Spectrum
Spectrum – Forget the proverb ‘opposites attract:’ A massive Swedish study suggests that men and women who have a psychiatric condition such as autism, schizophrenia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to pair up with people who share their diagnosis.



For Kids with Autism, This Tech Matters
CNET– For these kids, games and cute robots are more than just fun. On World Autism Awareness Day, we look at some of the ways technology is improving the lives of those with the condition.



Feds Aim To Improve Academics Among Students With Behavior Issues
DisabilityScoop – Federal education officials are taking new steps to address the academic needs of students with disabilities who have significant behavior challenges.


Teens & Adults

Nonverbal Man With Autism and Synesthesia Set to Host First Solo Art Exhibit
ABC News – Despite what some would call obstacles, a nonverbal San Diego man discovered he had the ability to paint three years ago, and now he’s set to curate his first art exhibit later this month.

When An Autism Diagnosis Comes In Adulthood
NPR – After multiple doctors had conflicted about ADHD, I decided to move away from psychiatry and seek a neuropsychologist. I thought that autism made sense, but what ultimately led me to seek help was my focus problem.

Holly Robinson Peete’s Answer To Son’s Pointed Question, ‘Do I Have Autism Still?’
Huffington Post – Honesty is at the core of each conversation Holly has, and a mother-son chat with RJ himself is no exception.