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National News

Making Accomodations so Employees with Autism Reach Their Potential
Autism Speaks – Last week the Chicago Tribune highlighted the growing number of companies employing adults with autism, a segment of the workforce with many strengths and abilities that is unfortunately often overlooked and underutilized.

FTC Cracks Down On Company Making Autism Claims
DisabilityScoop – Those behind a “brain training” program that claimed to improve autism and a slew of other serious conditions will pay up under a settlement with federal officials.




Brain Connectivity Fluctuates over Time in Autism
Spectrum – People with autism show unusually frequent fluctuations in synchronized activity between brain regions, suggests a new imaging study. The findings may help to explain the inconsistent results from studies of connectivity in autism.

Stress in pregnancy and autism: New gene-stress interaction uncovered
Medical News Today – Stress has been implicated in a number of health risks, but pregnant women, in particular, are cautioned that stress is linked to several conditions that could affect their offspring.



Supreme Court Considers Whether To Address FAPE
The U.S. Supreme Court is asking the Obama administration to weigh in on a case questioning how much educational benefit schools must provide in order to satisfy the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Five Eye-Opening Figures from the U.S. Education Department’s Latest Civil Rights Data Dump
The Washington Post – The U.S. Education Department on Tuesday released a trove of data drawn from surveys of nearly every single one of the nation’s 95,000 public schools.


Wearable For Kids With Autism May Help Predict, Avoid Meltdowns
Forbes – The exact nature of very real and arresting ‘meltdowns,’ or periods of stimulation overload, is unique to each person living on the autism spectrum, but the inexperience and extra challenges of childhood can make them particularly tough for kids to work through.


Teens & Adults

Why The Internet Is Rallying Around This Autistic Teen
Refinery29 – Get ready for your daily cry: A photo of an autistic teenager sitting alone at her 18th birthday party after no one showed up have gone viral, prompting strangers to send a deluge of birthday cards to the girl.