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National News

Federal Panel Seeks Input on Autism
DisabilityScoop – A federal autism advisory panel is looking for public feedback as it prepares to update the government’s priorities for addressing the developmental disorder for the first time in years.

Police surprise boy with autism at his birthday party
Today – For a third year in a row, none of Daniel Nicastro’s classmates sent an RSVP for his birthday party. But this time, his parents were ready.



Mice missing key autism gene hint at new treatment target
Spectrum – A newly created strain of mice lacking SHANK3 closely mimics the effects of the protein’s loss in some people with autism, according to a new study.

How extreme prematurity ups autism risk
Spectrum – Infants born prematurely have a higher risk of autism than infants delivered at term, and this risk climbs the earlier a baby is born.



Schools Reminded Not To Delay Special Ed Evaluations
DisabilityScoop – Officials at the U.S. Department of Education are raising concerns that school districts are inappropriately holding up or preventing evaluations of kids who may have disabilities.

School board wants to use state funds for special education students
LA Times – Los Angeles school officials vowed Tuesday to fight to be able to spend the money they get from the state for special education programs.


Wearable For Kids With Autism May Help Predict, Avoid Meltdowns
Forbes – The exact nature of very real and arresting ‘meltdowns,’ or periods of stimulation overload, is unique to each person living on the autism spectrum, but the inexperience and extra challenges of childhood can make them particularly tough for kids to work through.

Beyond BB-8: How the Sphero is helping students with autism learn
Mashable – Aspect Hunter School in Sydney, Australia is a school for children on the autism spectrum. The school is attended by 130 kids, beginning at age four, as well as around 30 Spheros.


Teens & Adults

Why The Internet Is Rallying Around This Autistic Teen
Refinery29 – Get ready for your daily cry: A photo of an autistic teenager sitting alone at her 18th birthday party after no one showed up have gone viral, prompting strangers to send a deluge of birthday cards to the girl.