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National News

Make this Summer Safer with Safety and Wandering Prevention Resources
Autism Speaks – Having a safety plan is always important, especially because incidents of wandering tend to increase when the weather gets warmer and families start to change their routines.

Changes Recommended For Medicaid Managed Care
Disability Scoop – Sweeping proposals published Monday would create profit guidelines for private Medicaid plans as well as new standards for the plans’ doctor and hospital networks and rules to coordinate Medicaid insurance more closely with other coverage.

Boy with Autism Has Unforgettable Field Day Thanks to Thoughtful Classmates
Today.com – During field day at Grandville South Elementary in Grandville, Michigan, Preston won a race for the first time while his 29 classmates cheered him on.



Study Picks Up Autism Broadcast in Tiny Antennae on Cells
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Mutations in a section of chromosome 16 that is linked to autism have an unexpected effect: They alter the miniscule, static hairs, called cilia, that adorn the surface of all cells.

Thick Bridge of Nerves May Signal Autism in Infancy
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – The bundle of nerves that bridges the brain’s two hemispheres is abnormally thick in infants who are later diagnosed with autism, according to a study.

Subtle Differences Separate Autism From Fragile X Syndrome
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Many children with fragile X syndrome have poor social skills and show repetitive behaviors, such as hand flapping. As a result, nearly one-third of them are diagnosed with autism.

Autism Linked to Higher Smog Levels, Study Says
Medical Xpress – The controversial findings echo similar results from a study last winter that found an increased risk of autism among children of women exposed to more smog late in pregnancy.



$9 Million Grant to Establish Open-Access Autism Database at Stanford
Stanford Medicine – The Hartwell Autism Research and Technology Initiative, known as iHART, will provide the scientific community with a centralized repository of data to benefit biomedical research on autism and help children affected with the developmental disorder, which hinders social and communication skills.



To Prevent Wandering, Schools Move Forward With Alarms
DisabilityScoop – The nation’s largest school district says it will install door alarms at nearly every one of its schools in an effort to help protect students with disabilities who are at risk of wandering.


Teens & Adults

Survey Finds Most With Special Needs ‘Striving To Work
DisabilityScoop – A new, national survey finds that the majority of people with disabilities want to be employed, but they often encounter barriers to work.

Microsoft and Other Big Names in Tech are Actively Hiring Autistic Coders
Mashable – David McNabb graduated from college with a computer science degree in 2001 yet never found a job in his field or any field, failing at interview after interview.

Making My Way To Independence with Nick Brode
All Autism Talk – (Podcast) Nick shares openly about his future dreams for even greater independence and the work he is doing to accomplish his goals.

Ellen, NY Jets Surprise Teenager With Autism on National TV
Autism Speaks – Sarah Kardonsky, a high school girl from Levittown, New York asked Michael Logano, a teenager on the autism spectrum to her school to prom. When she found out that Logano was a huge Jets fan she even got The NY Jets to help ask him to prom.