July Digest, 1 of 2


National News

Disney’s “Inside Out” Helping Families with Autism Look at Feelings
Autism Speaks – Inside Out, a new film by Disney/Pixar, is being praised both by critics and members of our autism community! Inside Out looks at the life of Riley, an 11-year-old girl who is moving to a new city. In the film, Riley’s emotions play center stage, as the characters include include Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.

When Dads Engage Autistic Kids More, Everybody Wins
PsychCentral – University of Illinois researchers have found that when fathers read to their kids with autism and take active roles in caregiving, they help the child develop, boost mom’s mental health, and probably feel better themselves.

California: Medi-Cal Update Part 1
All Autism Video – New information about autism ABA services for Medi-Cal families. In our first of this series, we provide important information about those transitioning from Regional Center to Medi-Cal Funding.



Early Therapy May Seed Lasting Gains in Children with Autism
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative –  Children with autism who receive two years of intensive therapy as toddlers appear to maintain their social and behavioral gains two years later, suggests a study in the July issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Could a ‘sniff test’ lead to early autism diagnosis?
Medical News Today – A new study published in the journal Current Biology has identified differences in the way people with autism respond to smells, suggesting a “sniff test” could be used for early diagnosis of the condition.

Picky Eating Sways Parents’ Views of Children with Autism
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Children everywhere have a well-earned reputation for picky eating: They can be selective and often strangely uniform in what they consume, perhaps eating only chicken nuggets or cereal for every meal.

‘Teachable Moments’ are Key Ingredients in Autism Therapy
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – There’s good evidence that some behavioral interventions can help children with autism learn new skills and become more independent in their daily lives.




Couple Create App for Diagnosing Autism
The Buffalo News – Robby Oberleitner was 18 months old when his parents noticed changes in his personality. By age 2, the boy wasn’t talking. He would cry and hurt himself.

World’s First Smart Glass System for Autism goes on Tour
Pulse – Samsung, Microsoft, and Google are among the many companies who have developed powerful smart glass technologies. These head-worn digital computers provide huge opportunities to enhance our interactions with the world.



Feds: Most States Failing To Meet Special Ed Obligations
DisabilityScoop – The U.S. Department of Education says that just 19 states qualified for the “meets requirements” designation for the 2013-2014 school year. The rest of states were classified as “needs assistance” or “needs intervention.”

Special Education Bill Offers Flexibility on ‘Maintenance of Effort’
Education Week – Currently, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act only allows district special education spending cuts in limited circumstances—for example, if a highly paid special education teacher retires and is replaced with someone who earns a lower salary.


Teens & Adults

Housing To Mix Adults With Autism, Typically-Developing Residents
DisabilityScoop – In what may be the first project of its kind in the nation, local developers are building an apartment complex that will house adults with autism alongside typically-developing residents.

Research to Practice: Expanding Opportunities for Employment
Autism Speaks – Employment plays an integral role in the well being of all people and adults with autism need the opportunities to join the workforce that are available to everyone else.

Special Needs Dancers Defy Odds To Perform At Special Olympic World Games
CBS – A group of local youths with Down Syndrome are looking forward to the opportunity of sharing their dancing talents after they were chosen to perform at the Special Olympic World Games.