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National News

World Class Runner With Autism Prepares for Paralympic Debut
MSN – He’s one of the fastest in the world running the mile in just a few short seconds, and he just so happens to have Autism.

Waiting List Placements May Violate ADA
DisabilityScoop – Being on a waiting list for community-based services may be evidence enough that an individual with developmental disabilities is at risk for institutionalization in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Banned Chemicals May Increase Autism Odds
DisabilityScoop – Chemicals banned decades ago still appear to be lingering with a new study finding a significantly higher risk for autism among children exposed to certain compounds during pregnancy.



Memory hub could underlie social, cognitive quirks of autism
Spectrum – For most of us, telling a tale from our childhood is a simple, often spontaneous act. For people with autism, however, relating life experiences — whether from years ago or yesterday — can be a tall order.

Dog Ownership May Ease Stress In Autism Families
DisabilityScoop – Having a pet dog around the house may markedly lower stress and offer other benefits for families of children on the spectrum, researchers say.

Girls with autism show anomalies in ‘daydreaming network’
Spectrum – Brain areas that spring to life when a person is at rest are less coordinated in girls with autism than in typical girls1. This asynchrony may be associated with problems recognizing emotions.



Feds Move To End Segregated Schools For Kids With Disabilities
DisabilityScoop – For at least six months, state and federal officials swapped proposals and counterproposals on what to do about Georgia’s unique system of so-called psychoeducational schools.


iPad Game May Help to Diagnose Autism
PsychCentral – A new UK study suggests autism could be diagnosed by allowing children to play games on smart phones and tablets.

When Regulating Tech Doesn’t Cause Uproar: Kevin And Avonte’s Law
Huffington Post – Kevin and Avonte’s Law, a piece of legislation recently passed by the Senate, is not strictly speaking a bill about regulating technology; it’s an effort to safeguard children with autism from the dangers of wandering.


Teens & Adults

14-year-old autistic boy breaks off a national anthem for the ages
For the Win – Christopher Duffley is a 14-year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire, who knows how to work a crowd of thousands and sing an amazing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

A Florida State football player made sure a boy with autism didn’t eat lunch alone
The Washington Post – While visiting Montford Middle School in Tallahassee on Tuesday with several of his Florida State football teammates, Seminoles wide receiver Travis Rudolph noticed a boy eating lunch by himself.

Special-Needs Couple Finds Love And Independence Together
Little Things – “She’s beautiful, she’s smart, [and] she always lights up the room,” gushes Peter Maxmean. He’s every bit the blushing groom, waxing poetic about his to-be wife, Lori Sousa, before their wedding day.

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