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National News

Disney Again Faulted Over Disability Access Policy
DisabilityScoop – As dozens of lawsuits are readied for trial, a civil rights commission has found reason to believe that Disney has not adequately accommodated theme park visitors with disabilities.

PBS Kids Show ‘Dinosaur Train’ Puts Spotlight on Autism Acceptance
The Mighty – The hit PBS Kids show “Dinosaur Train,” produced by The Jim Henson Company, is airing back-to-back episodes on April 6 and 7 to promote autism awareness, according to the network.

Legoland Makes Park More Sensory Friendly for People with Autism
Autism Speaks – Legoland Florida Resort is looking to make their park more autism-friendly for our community! Recently Legoland Florida partnered with Autism Speaks to help focus on new initiatives that will make the park more accommodating to everyone who has special needs.



Why Study What Causes of Autism?
Autism Speaks – This Autism Speaks fellow is exploring the genetic subtypes of autism to guide the development of personalized interventions.

Autism Genes May Be In All Of Us, Researchers Say
DisabilityScoop – Genetic variants responsible for autism exist in varying degrees throughout the population – both in those on the spectrum and among typically-developing individuals – a new study suggests.



Autism Glass Takes Top Student Health Tech Prize
Scientific American – A Stanford grad student’s invention uses Google Glass to help autistic children recognize facial and social cues in real time

For Kids with Autism, This Tech Matters
CNET – Both Katie and her teacher look like they’d be right at home in a Pixar film, and at first their conversation seems like it would fit in one too.

Technology Can Enable A New World For People With Autism
Forbes – As the father of a wonderful 11-year-old boy with autism, every day is Autism Awareness Day for us. Much of my time is spent worrying about what career opportunities will be available to him once he reaches adulthood. Will he be able to transition his special abilities into meaningful employment, or will he face a constant struggle for acceptance?


Teens & Adults

People with Autism Prefer Partners on the Spectrum
Spectrum – Forget the proverb ‘opposites attract:’ A massive Swedish study suggests that men and women who have a psychiatric condition such as autism, schizophrenia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to pair up with people who share their diagnosis1.

California Artist with Autism Uses His Synesthesia to Paint Vivid Portraits
People – ‘I See Beautiful Colors in My Dreams’, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, a 27-year-old artist with autism, has sold dozens of his stunning, colorful portraits to people all over the country.