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National News

Sibling Walks Alongside Twin Brother with Autism at Graduation
AutismSpeaks – Aly Bonville is a recent high school graduate who has a twin brother with autism. She shared her touching story about growing up with her brother, Anders, and how she got him to walk with her at her graduation ceremony.

Takeaways from IMFAR 2015
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – The dramatic backdrop to the 2015 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) — the mighty Wasatch Range — is the product of 20 million years of hemorrhaging fault lines, volcanic eruptions and the painfully slow march of ice and rock.

How This Barber Helped a Little Boy with Autism Learn to Love Haircuts
Today – Haircuts once sparked meltdowns for 8-year-old Michael Flores, while also creating loads of stress for his mom, Joan. But thanks to one special barber, getting a trim has gone from crisis-inducing to comforting.

China’s Uncounted Children With Autism
The Wall Street Journal – When her son still wasn’t speaking at 26 months old, Li Li Juan brought him to a local hospital near their home in China’s Henan province. She was told he had mild autism.



Parents’ DNA Tags Tied to Autism Symptoms in Toddlers
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – Women who have unusual patterns of chemical tags on their DNA during pregnancy may give birth to children who develop autism symptoms.

Animals’ Presence May Ease Social Anxiety in Kids with Autism
MedicalXpress – According to a study funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, companion animals—like dogs, cats or the guinea pigs in the study—may prove to be a helpful addition to treatment programs designed to help children with ASDs improve their social skills and interactions with other people.

Mathematical Method May Flag Potential Autism Genes
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative – A new mathematical method confidently ranks genes based on their likely impact in a disorder. The approach, described 6 April in the Journal of Computational Biology, may help researchers home in on important autism genes.



Autism Conference Gathers Computer Scientists, Clinicians – Medical professionals and computer scientists from more than 40 countries are showcasing their work at the 11th annual International Meeting for Autism Research at the Grand America Hotel this weekend.



Feds Call For Greater Inclusion In Preschools
DisabilityScoop – 
The Obama administration wants to see more kids with disabilities — no matter how significant — participating in classrooms alongside their typically-developing peers.


Teens & Adults

How a Danish Company Is Helping People With Autism Get Jobs in IT and Tech
Slate – William Hughes is a marketing intern at Towers Watson. Hughes holds a master’s degree in political science from Stony Brook, which he received in 2013, as well as a bachelor’s degree from Hunter College. He also has autism.

Doctors Largely Unprepared To Treat Adults On The Spectrum
DisabilityScoop – A new survey finds many health care providers admittedly know little about how to care for adults with autism.

Guidance Sought On Rights Of Flyers With Autism
DisabilityScoop – The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is asking the U.S. Department of Transportation to issue guidance detailing how the Air Carrier Access Act applies to travelers with autism and other special needs.