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How the New U.S. ‘Right to Try’ Law Could Harm People with Autism
Spectrum – You may have heard of the ‘Right to Try,’ a bill that President Donald Trump signed into law on 30 May. The U.S. law expands doctors’ ability to prescribe experimental drugs for people with life-threatening conditions.

Autistic New Yorkers Share Their Stim-Toy Stories With ‘Aftereffect’
NPR – Autistic New Yorkers Share Their Stim-Toy Stories With ‘Aftereffect’

North Dakota Becomes 48th State to Require Autism Insurance Coverage
Autism Speaks – North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread announced that all state-regulated plans that have mental health coverage will be required to cover treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

New Gym Created To Help People With Special Needs Stay Fit
Disability Scoop – While some gyms have programs for people with disabilities, Mills said hers is the only one in the area that caters to their specific fitness needs.




In Baby Teeth, Links Between Chemical Exposure in Pregnancy and Autism
The New York Times – The record in teeth may show associations with autism but does not mean that the mother did something to cause the condition, experts say.

Brains of Children with Autism Show Unusual Folding Patterns
Spectrum – The brains of children with autism fold differently than those of their typical peers, two new studies suggest.

Key Social Reward Circuit in the Brain Impaired in Kids with Autism
Stanford Medicine – Deficits in the brain’s reward circuit are linked to social deficits in children with autism and may point the way toward better treatments, according to a new Stanford study.




25 Best Colleges for Students With Autism 2018
Best Value Schools – These colleges are doing all they can to help their students with autism have the best learning experience possible.



Teens with Autism Learn to Code, Design Apps
Fox News – While the impact of technology on teens has its pros and cons in terms of social media bullying and video game violence, the educational and social benefits for those on the autism spectrum are unprecedented.

Neuroscientist Sees Video Games as a Tool to Help Youth with Autism
The San Diego Union-Tribune – Individuals with ASD typically experience more difficulty making fast and accurate shifts of attention, which is why video games are part of RADLab’s research.

Can a Computer Diagnose Autism?
Spectrum – Machine-learning holds the potential to help clinicians spot autism sooner, but technical and ethical obstacles remain.



Teens & Adults

Tips that Helped My Son Transition Out of School and to the Workplace
Autism Speaks – This guest blog post is by Sandy Petrovic. Sandy Petrovic is a registered nurse, an author, a public speaker, a college instructional advisor/tutor, and the mother of a son on the spectrum.

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