June Digest


National News

Parents Can Use New App to Diagnose Autism — Is This a Good Idea?
Healthline – The release of the new Autism & Beyond app gives parents the ability to prescreen their young children for autism spectrum disorder — without the assistance of a medical professional.

Dr. Ronit Molko Calls For Innovation And Advancement Of Autism Services In New Book
Forbes – In Autism Matters, Dr. Molko—cofounder of Autism Spectrum Therapies—takes a critical look at the autism services industry and calls upon providers, clinicians and investors to innovate the current model of service delivery, forge new programs and create opportunities that will better equip autistic individuals with the skills they need to build quality, self-determined, independent adult lives.

Children With Autism Left Behind By Low Medicaid Rates
Huffington Post – Medicaid reimburses medical providers less than other payers. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, on average, Medicaid pays providers 72 percent of what Medicare, the federal health plan for the elderly, pays for the same services. The disparity is even greater between Medicaid and private insurers.




Growth Spurt in Head, Skeleton Mark Autism in Boys
Spectrum – Boys with autism have smaller heads, are shorter and weigh less at birth than their typical peers do — but all that changes by age 3, a new study suggests. The new work is among the first to link autism to rapid skeletal growth.

Study: Drivers With Autism Just As Good As Other Motorists
Disability Scoop – People with autism appear to have more difficulty than others when first learning to drive, but a study suggests that with practice, they can be just as skilled behind the wheel.

Autism Linked to Diabetes
MSN – New research has found mothers with diabetes – of any type – are more likely to have kids with autism. Women who develop gestational diabetes before their third trimester are most at risk.



Students Never Heard Teen With Autism Speak Until His Powerful Graduation Speech
InspireMore – Sef Scott may not speak very often. But when he does, it’s best to listen up. He’s the last person anyone would’ve expected to speak at the Plano Senior High commencement ceremony in Frisco, Texas, last weekend. But allowing for the unexpected was the whole point of his speech.



Personalized ‘Deep Learning’ Equips Robots for Autism Therapy
Science Daily – Researchers have now developed a type of personalized machine learning that helps robots estimate the engagement and interest of each child during these interactions, using data that are unique to that child.

Mobile App for Autism Screening Yields Useful Data
MedicalXpress – A Duke study of an iPhone app to screen young children for signs of autism has found that the app is easy to use, welcomed by caregivers and good at producing reliable scientific data.



Teens & Adults

Where Autistic Workers Thrive
Fortune – Social interaction and communication skills can be a challenge for people with autism spectrum disorder, but companies looking to hire untapped talent for tech-related jobs are discovering that those with autism are unusually detail-oriented, highly analytical, and able to focus intensely on tasks, making them valuable employees.


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