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7 Theme Parks Changing The Game For Guests With Autism
MSN – Theme parks are a popular choice, but for kids with autism and other sensory disorders, these destinations can be tricky and overwhelming. Across the country, some theme parks and similar venues are paving the way by making their entertainment more inclusive.

How Geography Influences Autism Treatment
DisabilityScoop – A new study finds that children residing in the Northeast are most likely to have tried a variety of therapies while kids in the South are more commonly taking medications.

Study Shows Minorities Widely Underrepresented in Autism Diagnoses
MedicalXpress – In education circles, it is widely accepted that minorities are overrepresented in special education. New research from the University of Kansas has found, in terms of autism, minorities are widely underrepresented in special education.

Autism Care Becomes More Personalized with Help of “Master List” of Core Skills
The Autism Site – Both the “International Statistical Classification of Diseases” (ICD) and the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM) take a person’s symptoms into consideration, but neither are very concerned with daily function or quality of life.




Social Smells Evoke Unusual Responses in People With Autism
SpectrumNews – People with autism use different brain regions than typical people do to distinguish between the scents of familiar and unfamiliar individuals.

EEG Signals Accurately Predict Autism as Early as 3 Months of Age
ScienceDaily – A new study shows that inexpensive EEGs, which measure brain electrical activity, accurately predict or rule out autism spectrum disorder in infants, even in some as young as three months.





How Colleges Can Prepare for Students with Autism
SpectrumNews – Increasing numbers of young adults with autism are pursuing a college education. Many campuses are not ready for them.




Can This Ai-Powered Baby Translator Help Diagnose Autism?
Wired – Called Chatterbaby, the free app analyzes changes in frequency and patterns in the sound to silence ratio to tell parents why their kiddo is crying.

Fitbit-Like Device Shows Promise In Predicting Autism Aggression
DisabilityScoop – A system that uses a digital wristband and a mobile app could someday predict future outbursts among children with autism, allowing family members and helpers to prevent and prepare for episodes.




Teens & Adults

What Helps Adults With Autism Get and Keep a Job?
WebMD – More than two-thirds of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed, and a new survey identifies some of the most significant barriers — and benefits — to work.

The Benefits Of Employing People With Autism
Forbes – Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Not a term that rolls off the tongue easily but increasingly big corporations such as Microsoft and SAP have launched programs to attract candidates with ASD for roles which require certain skill sets.


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