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How One Family Finally Came Out of the ‘Autism Closet’
Today – Autism. The word had been in the back of my mind for a while, but I still wasn’t ready to apply it to my daughter.

Congress May Revisit Autism Tracking Devices
DisabilityScoop – Less than a year after fizzling, federal legislation designed to provide tracking devices and other resources to those with developmental disabilities at risk of wandering is back on the table.

Malls with Sensory-Friendly Santas
Autism Speaks – Santa welcomes children of all ages and abilities! Autism Speaks is thrilled to be partnering with Cherry Hill Programs again this holiday season to provide sensory-friendly Santa Experiences for families across the country!

Autism Without Fear: In Carly Fleischmann’s Own Words—What Happened on HBO’s “Night of Too Many Stars”
Huffington Post – In a segment wherein Carly Fleischmann was to interview Stephen Colbert, something went wrong. As Colbert was in mid-response to Fleischmann’s first witticism, fellow spectrumite Fleischmann suddenly left her chair, crouched on the ground, and then began to walk away from the set.




There’s Growing Evidence For A Link Between Gender Dysphoria And Autism Spectrum Disorders
Forbes – Mounting evidence over the last decade points to increased rates of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and autism traits among children and adults with gender dysphoria, or incongruence between a person’s experienced or expressed gender and the gender assigned to them at birth.

In Autism, Food Quirks Show Up in Social Brain Areas
Spectrum – Young adults with autism who have intense sensitivity to taste show increased activation in social areas of the brain when they taste something sweet or look at pictures of food.

Research Hopes to Make Dental Visits Less Stressful for Children with Autism
MedicalXpress – Inspired by her own experience as a mum to a five-year-old son with autism, a dental hygienist has published new research hoping to make dental examinations less stressful for autistic children.




In Autism, Intelligence Scores May Not Predict School Success
Spectrum – Many children with autism do better in school than their intelligence scores would predict, according to a new study. And about 16 percent do worse.

Families: Learn How to Find Autism-Friendly Colleges
U.S. News – During his first experience with college, Alex Birdsong faced some challenges he wasn’t sure how to handle. He also didn’t know that he had autism spectrum disorder.



Eye Tracking and Robots—Early Interventions for Children at Risk for Autism
MedicalXpress – For children who are already past the infant and toddler stages, Mastergeorge’s team is trying a groundbreaking method – using robots for the intervention.

Ways a New Smartwatch Makes Caring for an Autistic Loved One Easier
Autism Parenting Magazine – PinPoint Technologies, Inc. is a smartwatch start-up based out of Detroit, Michigan, that has made it a goal to help the autism community.



Teens & Adults

People with Autism Are Filling a Void in the Workplace
Autism Parenting Magazine – The future job market is looking bright for many people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Large companies such as Microsoft, EY, and Utah-based Chargeback have piloted neurodiversity programs that aim to employ adults who are on the spectrum.

Motor Problems in Autism Persist into Adulthood
Spectrum – Young adults with autism have an unusual gait and problems with fine motor skills.

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