September Digest


National News

The Police Need to Understand Autism
The New York Times – Now that we know that autism is common, and comes in all the hues and shades of a broad human spectrum, we need to give law enforcement officers the knowledge that they need to avoid turning a routine call into a life-altering calamity.

Is Hollywood’s Portrayal of Autism Fair? 
DisabilityScoop – With more characters with autism appearing in film and on television, a new study is questioning whether such representations are good or bad for people with the developmental disorder.

Nowhere to Go: Young People with Severe Autism Languish Weeks or Longer in Hospitals
The Washington Post – Teenagers and young adults with severe autism are spending weeks or even months in emergency rooms and acute-care hospitals because of a lack of community treatment programs able to deal with their outbursts, according to interviews with parents, advocates and physicians from Maine to California as well as federal and state data.

Disability Advocates Arrested Protesting Medicaid Cuts
DisabilityScoop – Over 100 disability rights advocates were arrested while protesting Medicaid changes in a proposal to overhaul the nation’s health care system. Hours later, the GOP plan appeared doomed.




Anxiety May Alter Processing of Emotions in People with Autism
Spectrum – A brain region that processes emotions, including fear, tends to be smaller in children who have both autism and anxiety than in those who have autism alone, according to a new study

New Findings on Probiotics and Autism: What You Need to Know
AutismSpeaks – Over the last week, many of you have read headlines about a promising probiotic that might help people who have autism. 




Back to School, Back to Planning for Kids with Autism, ADHD
MedicalXpress – The start of a new school year isn’t always easy, especially for kids with developmental and behavioral issues, such as autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

What This Mom Wants You to Know About Autism
Refinery29 – On August 24, Cara Thulin wrote an open letter to the students and teachers at her son Zeke’s new high school explaining that he might seem as if he’s not paying attention to them or maybe even being rude, but that’s because Zeke has autism — and what he really needs is for them to be kind and patient.



A Robot Designed to Help Kids with Autism Learn Social Cues
Co. Design – A Cornell University professor has partnered with Google to develop robots that help children with autism learn to react emotionally in social situations.



Teens & Adults

Adolescents with Autism Need Access to Better Sex Education
Spectrum – For adolescents, learning how to navigate sex and sexuality can be a minefield. This path is especially fraught for adolescents with autism.

Mom Helps Son with Autism Fulfill His Dream of Starting a Bakery
Today – As Jacob Wittman faced the completion of his high school years, his mother Shelly Henley met the milestone with an unexpected feeling: complete dread.

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