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National News

When It Comes To Diagnosing Autism, Even Experts Miss Signs
DisabilityScoop – Joe and Rafeef Samo knew something was wrong with their younger son when, at the age of two and a half, he began regressing socially.

Autism Is Becoming More ‘Mainstream’
Heathline – There are now more people with autism on-screen and in the workforce. The two trends are related and, advocates hope, will open the door to even more progress.

Here’s How You React To Your Son’s Autism When Your Language Has No Word For Autism
BuzzFeed News – At first, Nura Aabe avoided her son’s autism diagnosis. Now she uses her experience to change the lives of other families.

Target Unveils Clothing For Kids With Special Needs
DisabilityScoop – Target is rolling out a collection of sensory-friendly apparel for children and says adaptive clothing for those with disabilities is on the way too.



Rethinking regression in autism
Spectrum – The loss of abilities that besets some toddlers with autism is probably less sudden and more common than anyone thought.

Behavior Therapy Benefits Parents Too, Study Finds
DisabilityScoop – Behavior therapy for kids with autism can have an impact that goes far beyond the child, new research suggests, with parents who play an active role in treatment seeing major gains as well.




Schools Accused Of Denying Special Education Services
DisabilityScoop – A federal lawsuit filed late last week against the New York City Department of Education alleges that the school district routinely leaves students without therapies they are entitled to under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Tips for Making Homework Easier
Autism Spectrum Therapies Blog – The school year is now in full swing. The once-new backpacks may already be showing signs of distress from their daily haul …and perhaps your kids are too.



A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines
The New York Times – In just the third paragraph of what turns into an uncommonly riotous and moving book, Judith Newman dives headlong into the highly charged debate over whether to replace the term “autistic” with more cautious, politically correct language: “a man with autism, a woman with autism.”



Teens & Adults

This teen inspired a major Anaheim hotel to make stays a little easier for those with autism
The OC Register – Traveling with an autistic child can be real tough, but the Yorba Linda family refuses to miss out on vacations.

Finding a way into autism through improv
The San Diego Union Tribune – A few months back, Richie Ploesch was excitedly tossing ideas to Gary Kramer, the artistic director of San Diego’s National Comedy Theatre, on how improv might benefit teen-agers with autism.

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