June Digest


National News

Teen with autism comes of age in Netflix’s ‘Atypical’
USA Today – The new Netflix series, available for streaming on Friday, takes the coming-of-age story in a new direction, telling it from the perspective of a teen on the autism spectrum.

The Advantages of Autistic Employees
The Atlantic – A consulting firm recruits people on the spectrum for their focus and problem-solving skills, but some adjustments are required.

Disability Services Threatened Under Proposed Cuts To Medicaid
DisabilityScoop – Funding for community-based services and other supports for people with developmental disabilities would be in jeopardy under a U.S. Senate proposal to radically alter Medicaid.



Chemical tags reveal interplay of genes, environment in autism
Spectrum – The letters A, T, G and C, which represent different DNA bases, spell out the blueprint for the human body. But they aren’t the only ones that matter.

Autistic Traits May Enhance Rational Decision-Making
PsychCentral – People on the autism spectrum are typically characterized by a reduced sensitivity to contextual information in perceptual tasks — but U.K. researchers now believe this characteristic may paradoxically improve decision-making.

Predicting Success Of Autism Treatments May Be Possible, Study Finds
DisabilityScoop – Participating in autism interventions can be costly and time consuming, but new research suggests there could be a way to predict whether or not specific treatments will be effective.


Teens & Adults

Many Adults With Autism Struggling Even With Services
DisabilityScoop – State-provided disability services often fail to meet the needs of adults with autism, according to a new report finding many with access to supports don’t have any regular daytime activities.

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