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Congress Weighs Expanding ABLE Act
DisabilityScoop – As new accounts allowing people with disabilities to save money without jeopardizing their government benefits become increasingly available, Congress is considering changes to the program.

Landmarks Turn Blue For World Autism Awareness Day
HuffPost – Landmarks around the globe were illuminated with blue lights on Sunday evening in recognition of the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day.

‘Sesame Street’ Masterfully Tackles the Subject of Autism in First Episode With New Character Julia
Parents – Julia is different, and wonderful, and so much more in her first appearance on Sesame Street.

Quiet Rooms for Autistic Children Popping up at Airports
U.S. News & World Reports – Shannon Airport, which serves the southwestern region of Ireland, opened a “sensory room” for children and adults with neurodevelopmental challenges, including autism.



Autism, ADHD risk not linked to prenatal exposure to antidepressants
ScienceNews – Taking antidepressants during pregnancy does not increase the risk of autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, two new large studies suggest.

Early brain enlargement augurs distinct form of autism
Spectrum – In his 1943 paper first describing autism, Leo Kanner noted that 5 of 11 children with the condition “had relatively large heads1.” Since then, dozens of research studies have documented similar observations.



Supreme Court FAPE Ruling May Be A Watershed Moment
DisabilityScoop – The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision affirming a high standard for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act mandate that children with disabilities be provided a free appropriate public education is likely to have significant implications for years to come.

My Daughter Has Autism But Our Special-Ed System Isn’t What She Needs
Time – Mae has a red backpack that I ordered shortly before she started school. Her two brothers have similar backpacks, also in bright colors, each embroidered with their initials.


Coding Autism Teaches People on the Autism Spectrum How to Code
The Mighty – Across the U.S., more and more companies are looking for web developers as well as people who can code. This field of job growth can provide significant opportunities for autistic individuals, Coding Autism, a new training program for people on the autism spectrum, believes.


Teens & Adults

Speechless w/ Carly Fleischmann Ep 2 with JAMES VAN DER BEEK
YouTube – Watch Carly Fleishmann’s bold interview with James Van Der Beek

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