February Digest


National News

Temple Grandin Named To Women’s Hall Of Fame
DisabilityScoop – Autism self-advocate Temple Grandin is one of 10 notables who will be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame later this year.

Virgin Chief, Richard Branson Announces Autism Friendly Holiday Packages for Families
AutisMag – Virgin has announced that it is working on a new concept of “autism friendly” holiday packages with the support of parents and campaigners.



Brain Stem Size May Predict Aggression In Those With ASD
DisabilityScoop – Biological differences in the brain could explain why some with autism display problematic behavior, researchers say, and pinpointing the root of such issues may lead to interventions.

Brains of women with autism may sport male features
Spectrum – The brains of some women with autism more closely resemble those of typical men than those of typical women, according to a study published 8 February in JAMA Psychiatry1.



School Leaders Fret Over Possible Medicaid Changes
DisabilityScoop – As federal lawmakers consider broad changes to Medicaid, school chiefs from across the country are warning that such modifications could have big consequences for students with disabilities.


Computer Uses Facial Cues to Spot if People Have Autism
New Scientist – An algorithm that analyses facial expressions and head movements could help doctors diagnose autism-like conditions and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Teen With Autism Inspires a Movement: Robotics Teams for Everyone
Seattle Times – Teams from several Seattle-area schools will compete in a tournament that marks the end of the first season of Special Olympics Unified Robotics, which puts students with special needs to work alongside typically developing classmates as they build robots.


Teens & Adults

Couple with Asperger’s syndrome: ‘We’re even more extraordinary together’
CNN – Like many couples, Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly met online. Nico sent the first message while on vacation in Guatemala with his family in December 2015.

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