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National News

States Urged To Strengthen Community-Based Options
DisabilityScoop – Federal Medicaid officials are pushing states to do more to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the care they need in order to remain in the community.

ABC’s ‘Speechless’ Striving To Be More Than ‘The Disability Show’
DisabilityScoop – Television’s track record for telling stories involving individuals with special needs is spotty, and particularly tricky when it comes to comedy.

JC Penney Hosts Back-to-School Shopping Event for Shoppers With Autism
The Mighty – Knowing how stressful back-to-school shopping can be for these families, a JC Penney store in Dallas created a special shopping event for children with sensory sensitivities.



Tracking Time Can Be Tricky for Children with Autism
Spectrum – Children use their sense of time to guess when the school bell will ring, when to pause while chatting with a friend, and how long it typically takes Dad to buy groceries. A good sense of time makes life less unpredictable, and may also smooth out some social interactions.

Drama Enhances Communication In Autistic Kids
PsychCentral – Researchers at the University of Kent suggest that creativity and intermedial languages can be used as a bridge to communicate with autistic children.



Schools Told Not To Skimp On Behavior Supports
DisabilityScoop – Frequent discipline may be a sign that kids with disabilities are not receiving a free appropriate public education, according to new federal guidance reminding schools of their obligations to provide behavior supports.

Reducing Back to School Anxiety
AST Blog – Getting ready for the new school year can be a hectic and exciting time. For children with autism (and their parents), all this change can feel overwhelming. Here are some suggestions for how to help ease your child’s back-to-school anxieties.


‘Pokemon Go’ Has Added Benefits, And Risks, For Those With ASD
DisabilityScoop – Many with autism are attracted to the popular “Pokemon Go” game and say it can promote socialization, exercise and other skills, but experts caution it may not be appropriate for everyone.


Teens & Adults

ASLA’s Camp Navin – Summer Camp for Adults with Autism
All Autism Talk – ASLA is partnering with Leaps n Boundz, leaders in providing adaptive sports, recreation and social programming for individuals with special needs to present Camp NAVIN.

Michael Jordan Sent Boxes of Gear To Autistic Fan Who Wore Full MJ Uniform at Pickup Game
SLAM – Jeffrey Harrison, aka CDA MJ, is quite possibly Michael Jordan’s biggest fan. When someone recorded the 33-year-old Harrison wearing a full MJ uniform at a pickup game in July, the video instantly went viral. But that wasn’t the full story.