July Digest, 2 of 2


National News

Democrats, Republicans Urge End To Subminimum Wage
DisabilityScoop – With all eyes on the race for the White House, both political parties are calling for big change to rules on employing people with disabilities.

Wandering Bill Gains Senate Approval
DisabilityScoop – The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved legislation to provide tracking devices and other resources to help kids with autism and developmental disabilities at risk of wandering.

North Miami Police Officers Shoot Man Aiding Patient With Autism
New York Times – A black man said the police in North Miami, Fla., shot him on Monday as he tried to help a patient with autism who had run away from the group home where he works.



Study Links Immune, Metabolic Theories of Autism
Spectrum – Rare antibodies associated with autism are unusually common among women who developed diabetes while pregnant with a child who has autism.

Epilepsy in Family Members Raises Risk of Autism
Spectrum – About one in three people with autism also have epilepsy. A study of 690,000 people in Sweden quantifies the risk in the opposite direction. People with epilepsy are at eight times the risk of autism as the general population.



10 Colleges with Programs for ASD Students
Special Needs Resources – Individuals with special needs may require additional assistance in and/or out of the classroom. Here are ten schools that provide programs for students with ASD that may fly under the radar for parents.

For Children With Autism, Multiple Languages May Be a Boon
Spectrum – It’s not just children with autism who miss out when parents speak only English at home — their families, too, may experience frustrating miscommunications.


NIH Grant Will Advance Autism Technology for Communication, Language Development
Helio – SPEAK MODalities and the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Laboratory at Purdue University recently received a phase 1 research grant from NIH to advance autism technology that targets communication and language development in children with severe, nonverbal autism.


Teens & Adults

Work in Progress: An Inside Look at Autism’s Job Boom
Spectrum – Splashy corporate initiatives aim to hire people with autism, but finding and keeping work is still a struggle for those on the spectrum. Can virtual avatars and for-profit startups help?

When My Employer Realized I Was on the Autism Spectrum
Autism Speaks – To disclose or not to disclose my autism to an employer has been one of the more challenging questions I’ve faced during my adult years. Today it’s one of the more challenging issues for those with autism facing potential employment opportunities.