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National News

Clinton Announces New Autism Initiative
NPR – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proposed a new initiative directed at boosting autism screening, treatment and research Tuesday aiming to ramp up the federal government’s role in helping millions of Americans affected by the development disorder.

Five Early Signs of Autism
NeuroscienceNews – If you’re a parent or caregiver who is concerned that your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, getting a diagnosis as soon as possible is important because early intervention can be the key to the most optimal outcomes.

Top 10 Autism Speaks Tool Kits of 2015
Autism Speaks – Autism Speaks Tool Kits on topics ranging from toilet training and new diagnoses to housing and postsecondary education were downloaded over 140,000 times in 2015!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Post on Vaccines Sparks Huge Response
CBS News – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s latest Facebook post has garnered a lot of attention. The social network’s founder posted a photo with baby daughter Max on his lap at the doctor’s office with the caption, “Doctor’s visit – time for vaccines!”



Autism Risk May Be Increased by Prenatal Exposure to Asthma Drugs
Chicago Tribune – Children whose mothers took certain asthma drugs during pregnancy may have a slightly increased risk of autism, a new study suggests.

Gut, Autism, and ADHD
Psychology Today – In the United States, nearly 1/3 of children are born via c-section. Usually mothers don’t have much of a choice about the matter, so don’t pat yourself on the back and be judgmental of c-sections if you or your kids made it out the good old-fashioned way.



CES 2016: Light-up Leka robot could help autistic kids
BBC – A robot that could help children with autism learn is to go on show at CES – the huge tech show in Las Vegas.



ABLE Accounts May Be Available Sooner Than Expected
DisabilityScoop – A tweak to federal law is poised to greatly expand choice and speed up availability of accounts allowing people with disabilities to save money without risking their government benefits.


Teens & Adults

Tim Tebow Is Organizing More Than 200 Proms for People with Special Needs
People – During Valentine’s Day weekend of 2015, the Tim Tebow Foundation sponsored 44 simultaneous prom events in 26 states, as well as two locations in Uganda and Kenya. More than 7,000 people with special needs dressed in tuxes and gowns for their first prom experiences.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Autism Diagnosis at 22
The Mighty – I am one of many women diagnosed with high-functioning autism in adulthood — far outside my developmental years. For me, my diagnosis (and my “new” life) came at the age of 22.